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Thesis centre dublin cost

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Bellini, La Sonnambula at the Met with Dessay, Florez, and Pertusi, dir. Zimmerman. Natalie Dessay and Juan Diego Florez argue in Bellini#8217;s La Sonnambula at the Met. Metropolitan Opera House. by Vincenzo Bellini. libretto Felice Romani. Amina Natalie Dessay. Elvino Juan Diego Florez. Rodolfo Michele Pertusi. Lisa Jennifer Black. Teresa Jane Bunnell. Alessio Jeremy Galyon. Notary Bernard Fitch.

Met Opera Orchestra, Evelino Pido, conducto. Production Mary Zimmerman. Set Designer Daniel Ostling. Costume Designer Mara Blumenfeld. Lighting Designer T. J. Gerckens. Choreographer Daniel Pelzig. Thesis! An immense success in its first production in 1831 as well as in its first performances at the Met (1883), La Sonnambula#8217;s popularity waned—at the in the by william cronon, Met at least—after the centre dublin, First World War. In later revivals, it was presented as a vehicle for cover, sopranos who could fully exploit the florid ornament of thesis cost Bellini#8217;s writing for its heroine, Amina.

Twenty-eight years elapsed between Lily Pons#8217; last performance of the role in 1935 and packard case study solution, Joan Sutherland#8217;s first appearance in thesis dublin it in 1963, which was hailed as the revival of the for writing, lost art of bel canto. It held its own at the Met as long as Sutherland performed it, that is, until 1969. Three years later Renata Scotto brought a more dramatic approach to Amina, but her performances of the role never went beyond the 1972 season. Only this year, 37 years later, has the opera been revived, with Natalie Dessay, who enters the role with her own melange of satisfying musicality, dramatic energy, and charismatic charm, in an unconventional production by Mary Zimmerman, which has attracted a storm of vociferous criticism. La Sonnambula#8217;s original success depended on a careful balance of specific circumstances—estimation of the centre, competition, choice of genre and in society, subject, the writing of the principle parts for the most admired soloists of the time; and the collaboration between Bellini, his backers, the librettist Romani, with whom he had worked many times before, and the singers was extremely close—similar to the way musical commissions are carried out today, but focused on commercial success. In 1831 Bellini had been working on an Ernani after Victor Hugo, but, knowing that Donizetti was about to thesis centre dublin cost, stage an Anna Bolena, he decided not to confront his competitor head on with another grand tragedy, but to take up a lighter genre, an opera semiseria, based on a successful ballet of hewlett packard case study 1827, La Somnambule. Romani changed the setting from Provence to a Swiss village, a locality familiar to thesis centre, wealthy tourists and admirers of hewlett packard case study Rossini, who had recently closed his career with a Swiss historical subject. It tells the story of simple villagers, Amina and Elvino, who are about to get married.

Their life conveniently revolves around the local inn, where the celebrations are to take place. The innkeeper, Lisa, has previously been engaged to Elvino, and is the only person among the villagers who is not filled with admiration for Amina#8217;s beauty and virtue. A mysterious traveller, Rodolfo, arrives and takes a room at the inn. Curiously, the village is thesis centre cost familiar to him and essays, conjures up pleasant memories. Lisa figures out that Rodolfo is the son of the local count. Dublin! That night in his room, an intimacy begins, interrupted by Amina, who is walking in her sleep. Lisa hides in the closet, dropping her scarf, while Amina lies down on tips a scholarship essay the count#8217;s bed and thesis centre cost, falls asleep. Hamlet Figure Essay! The ensuing conflict, in which Amina#8217;s virtue is compromised, the villagers accuse her, and Elvino cancels the thesis centre dublin, marriage. Of course none of leadership these people know about sleepwalking.

Lisa takes advantage of the dublin, situation and renews her engagement to Elvino. Poor Amina is miserable. The next day the application, villagers realize that they acted in haste and dublin cost, approach Rodolfo, who confirms Amina#8217;s innocence. At first Elvino refuses to pay attention, but Amina reappears, sleepwalking, singing about her distress and dreaming of neutral her marriage to Elvino. Lisa#8217;s deception is thesis centre exposed, and Amina is vindicated. The opera concludes with a joyful chorus anticipating the nuptials which were to have occurred at the beginning. Of course stories about complications in the lives of simple people are as popular today as they were in the Romantic period, although, perhaps, not in opera, and then more in terms of Porgy and in society essay, Bess, Wozzeck and thesis cost, Marie, Tony and Maria, or George and Lennie, rather than Swiss villagers in their tidy peasant costumes. For tourists in in society Switzerland the village inn has long been replaced by slick, highly professionalized hotels. What traveller today lounges about the village inn or strolls its streets? How to present La Sonnambula without choking the audience with Swiss kitsch and nostalgia for cost, things long beyond the memory, let alone the experience of most people? (Remember that La Sonnambula has reappeared only when there was a soprano who could bring off Amina.)

Mary Zimmerman is well aware of all this and essays in the land, has decided to present the opera as a backstage musical, or a rehearsal for centre dublin, a production of the opera, in which the participants experience the same relationships and and entanglements as the characters they perform. This is of course not a terribly original idea in essays on changes by william itself, and the complications of the added layer did not exactly reinforce the clarity of the of the story. Still, I thought it made for an entertaining show, and thesis dublin cost, I especially enjoyed Zimmerman#8217;s hommage to in society essay, the great Jean Vigo#8217;s Zero de Conduite. Daniel Ostling#8217;s handsome set, T. J. Gerckens#8217;s glowing lighting, Daniel Pelzig#8217;s choreography, and the impeccable, even virtuosic execution of extremely complex scenes made it all the more accessible, if not entirely convincing. I was aided in this by avoiding reading her essay about the production until after the performance was over. When I finally did read this somewhat doughy and occasionally obscure bit of prose, I began to like the production less. There was just enough preening in dublin it and just enough condescension to put me on my guard. Do we need all this sophistication in La Sonnambula, when what we#8217;re really interested in is the on changes in the land, vulnerability of the dublin, characters (Amina#8217;s above all.), their transient emotions, and Bellini#8217;s delightful music? Of course not#8230;and all that stage business was more of a distraction from those simple relationships and emotions than an expansion of them.

I have to confess that most of my energy went into listening rather than watching and interpreting. Evelino Pido produced clean, energetic, and expressive playing from the Met Orchestra, a sparkling accompaniment for a consistently admirable cast of singers. Like this season#8217;s production of Donizetti#8217;s Lucia di Lammermoor, La Sonnambula enjoyed the benefits of the felicitous technical and dramatic approach to bel canto opera which has evolved over the past sixty years. Singers and application essay, conductors, balancing and cost, merging the styles of Callas and Sutherland, know how to bring out the tragic figure essay, dramatic and dublin cost, emotive core of the pretty melodies and the impressive ornament. Singers like Netrebko, Beczala, Dessay, and Florez can all elicit a moving expressivity in both the straightforwardly melodic and the virtuosic elements of their parts. Natalie Dessay is tragic figure essay more a Callas than a Sutherland, if of a more cheerful, extraverted sort. Showmanship, a virtuosity on centre dublin cost her own terms, and genuine dramatic perception give her an exceptional authority in this music today, but at the Met she is not its only exponent. I think we are fortunate that we can simply listen, admire, and be moved by bel canto opera, rather than perceiving it as a lost art revived by a Verdian transfusion or a meticulously reconstructed technical specialism. Juan Diego Florez addressed Elvino with a very light, bright, but mellow tenor and a fine sense of style. Jane Bunnell offered a vivid and variegated Teresa, and Jennifer Black brought nuance and depth to the villainess Lisa, who was in this production, mind you, both an innkeeper and a stage director.

Bass Michele Pertusi sang Rodolfo with wit and elegance, projecting just the right desinvolture as a slightly spoiled aristocrat who is fundamentally a decent fellow. I left the Met#8217;s new production of La Sonnambula in high spirits after a musically impeccable and dramatically interesting evening. Mary Zimmerman may have labored a bit too earnestly on it, but she also knows how to have fun, and that, I believe, saved her part of the show in the end. The musicians needed no apologies. Michael Miller, Editor and neutral cover, Publisher of New York Arts and The Berkshire Review, an International Journal for thesis cost, the Arts, was trained as a classicist and art historian at Harvard and Oxford, worked in packard solution the art world for many years as a curator and dealer, and contributed reviews and articles to Bostonia, Master Drawings, Drawing, Threshold, and North American Opera Journal, as well as numerous articles for scholarly and popular periodicals. He has taught courses in classics, the centre cost, English language, and art history at for writing a scholarship, Oberlin, Rutgers, New York University, the New School, and Williams. Currently, when he is not at thesis centre cost, work on The Berkshire Review and New York Arts, he writes fiction, pursues photography, and publishes scholarly work.

In 2011 he contributed an introductory essay to Leonard Freed: The Italians / exh. cat. Io Amo L#8217;Italia, exhibition at Le Stelline, Milan, and wrote the revised the section on American opera houses in The Grove Dictionary of American Music. He is currently at work on a libretto for a new opera by Lewis Spratlan, Midi, an adaptation of Euripides#8217; Medea set in hewlett packard case study solution the French West Indies, ca. 1930. Thesis Dublin! Comments are closed. Application Essay! Support New York Arts. All donations are tax deductible through Fractured Atlas.

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Essay: The Assassination of Cordelia Chase. As any good writer knows—and the writers at Mutant Enemy, the dublin, company that produced Buffy the Vampire Slayer and neutral letter Angel, were usually very good writers—the first law of characterization is “Never violate your character’s core identity.” You can play all the variations on centre, her psychology that you want, you can show her growing and leadership essay regressing, making huge mistakes and thesis dublin taking huge maturation leaps, but you cannot violate who she is at heart. As a centuries-old and wise Darla tells Angel, “What we once were informs all that we have become”(“The Prodigal,” A 1-15). The choice between honoring character to show growth and mutilating character to hamlet figure, serve plot spells the difference between the delighted reaction, “I can’t believe she did that!” and thesis cost the betrayed protest, “I don’t believe she’d do that.” The writers at ME have played fast and loose with character before (let’s not talk about “Doublemeat Palace,” B 6-12) but they never sinned so deeply as they did when they destroyed the character of Cordelia Chase. From the moment Cordelia appears in “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” the first episode of leadership application essay, Buffy the Vampire Slayer , she is a clear-cut character, smiling a wide, bright toothpaste smile that disguises the dublin cost, calculating glint in her eye. Her first act is to beam at Buffy while sharing her history book, an overt kindness that disguises Cordy’s covert motive: finding out if the new girl in town is a potential acolyte or a potential threat to Cordy’s kingdom. She alienates Buffy by figure essay committing the worst of all possible crimes in the Buffy verse, being cruel to Willow (“Good to know you’ve seen the softer side of Sears,” she tells Willow after surveying her dress), but she doesn’t care because Buffy’s opinion is irrelevant to her. Thesis Dublin Cost. If Buffy can’t admire Cordelia for who she is, she’s obviously not worthy of being a Cordette and case study will just have to dwell in thesis dublin, outer darkness, away from Sunnydale High’s social galaxy, a place Cordy dominates with her implacable will and indestructible smile. Cordelia may not be Miss Congeniality, but nobody ever calls her weak. Cordy’s solipsism could easily be mistaken for cover letter stupidity, but it comes coupled with a keen intelligence and a fixity of purpose that makes her almost invincible. “I have to have the most expensive thing,” she tells the Cordettes, “not because it’s the most expensive but because it costs more”(“The Harvest,” B 1-2).

This seems like a lovely bit of airhead-speak, but it isn’t. “Expensive,” as Cordelia knows, is thesis centre dublin, subjective: that new detergent might be expensive and that flawed diamond cheap. “Costs more” is finite, measurable, and therefore attainable. Cordy has to have the thing that costs more than anybody else can afford, the a scholarship essay, thing that’s impossible for thesis cost anybody else to get, because her world is about measurable things and she intends to neutral cover, be the material girl at the top. And since Cordy is centre, living in letter, the very material world of American society that the rest of us also occupy, she’s usually right: often overlooked in the outrage at dublin, the Sears comment is the fact that Willow really does look like her mother dressed her from the you’ll-never-get-a-date department, and that Willow’s later demonstration of her maturity and strength is technology, shown to a great extent in her choice of a much more adventurous wardrobe. Cordy may be a bitch goddess, but she has a calculator for a brain, something she demonstrates later by acing her SATs. But Cordy is much more than a smart bitch; her self-centered focus means she’s often the most practical of the group. When she finally catches on to the Hellmouth, her reaction is exactly what it needs to be to make her valuable: she fights back, indignant that anyone or anything can threaten her, to the point of thesis, biting a vampire who tries to drag her through the library door (“Prophecy Girl,” B 1-12). When Willow and Jenny are threatened by a street full of vampires in “Prophecy Girl,” Cordelia saves them by neutral cover picking them up in dublin, her very cool car and then delivering them to the door of the library, via the school’s central hall.

Even her lack of depth becomes a strength: When Buffy hears the thoughts of the others in “Earshot” ( B 3-18), most people’s insecurities show how weak they are and in turn weaken her with their pain; Cordelia’s thoughts, however, are identical to in society essay, the things she says out loud and thesis cost don’t hurt Buffy. Neutral Cover Letter. Not even the trials she faces toward the end of her life in Sunnydale–her loss of status because she falls in love with Xander, her betrayal by thesis centre Xander (with Willow in a hot black dress), her fall into poverty because her father is nabbed by the IRS–can derail her from pursuing what she feels she deserves. By the end of hewlett study, her time on Buffy, she’s stronger, she’s wiser and she knows how to use a flamethrower, but she’s still a self-centered beauty with a blazing intelligence, a focused practicality and a keen eye for dublin cost the bottom line. On Changes In The Cronon. She’s still, in short, Cordy. This means that she fits perfectly into selfish, superficial Los Angeles, so it made great sense for thesis centre cost ME to send her there to pursue an acting career in the dark noir world of Angel. L.A. is hewlett study solution, Cordy’s trial by fire: Like so many wannabee actresses, Cordelia may have been the most beautiful girl in her home town, but she’s one of the crowd now. Surrounded by thesis centre other gorgeous women, some of whom even have talent and training, Cordy is reduced to living in a roach-infested slum and stealing tomorrow’s dinner from party buffets. When she finally reaches bottom and agrees to tips, see a famous producer in thesis centre dublin, his home, she’s clearly if reluctantly planning on trading her body for her career, her focus as fixed as ever. But even in the midst of her distress over what she’s going to neutral cover, do, she’s smart enough to notice a key decorating flaw: no mirrors. Thesis Centre. Her exasperated accusation, “You’re a vampire!” momentarily slows her predator, who’s used to disbelief not annoyance, but she’s still running for her life when Angel bursts in to save her (“City of ,” A 1-1).

Other women would be grateful, and Cordy is, but her eye, as always, is on the bottom line. Angel is depressed, of course, and helping people, of course, but how is he paying the rent? More important, how can he help her pay her rent? In a better place? With better clothes? Before Angel has time to protest, Cordy is technology essay, printing business cards and dublin cost making commercials and, no small thing, generating real income for him. Angel may be the cover, Romantic Hero, spiritually and literally saving others, but Cordy is completely in character as the Enlightened Heroine, making sure that the bills are paid and the electricity stays on. She grounds Angel the way her character grounds the series Angel , by centre dublin saving them both from strangling on his darkness and nobility.

The elegant part of this narrative move is that by saving Angel, Cordy saves herself, discovering that she is more than a beautiful face, a hot body and a killer fashion sense. L.A. Hewlett Packard Case Study Solution. almost destroys her by making her doubt the thesis centre cost, only thing she has–herself–but Angel and the occult give it back to her, most vividly in the episode, “Rm w/ a Vu” ( A 1-5). The vicious ghost of Maude Pierson, haunting the apartment where she walled up her son alive, taunts Cordy into almost hanging herself by in the land by william cronon telling her that she’s a nobody, tapping into the one belief that will destroy her core identity. Thesis Dublin. But then the ghost goes too far, calling Cordy “a little bitch,” reminding her of who she is, the application essay, Bitch Goddess of Sunnydale come to conquer L.A. When Cordy rises up saying, “That’s right, I am a bitch, ” the thesis cost, ghost is toast, and Cordy’s back–sadder, smarter, darker and more human, but absolutely Cordy, the natural evolution of the Sunnydale Queen, made mature and essays in the cronon implacable flesh in haunted Sodom on the Pacific. The writers at Mutant Enemy continued to test her character, pushing her with brilliant narrative moves. They first send the visionary Doyle to be the thesis centre, third in the Angel triumvirate, and while Cordy rejects him in the beginning, saying “I’d rather be dead than date a fixer-upper [like Xander] again,” she grows to appreciate him after he saves her from technology in society a demon while her high-rent boyfriend runs away, forcing her to realize in disgust that “All of a sudden, rich and thesis centre dublin handsome isn’t enough for me.

Now I expect a guy to essays on changes by william, be all brave and interesting” (“The Bachelor Party,” A 1-7). Her first approach to him—“Maybe you don’t have zero potential”—is cut short by his sacrifice of centre dublin, his life, a sacrifice that he makes her a part of essays in the land by william cronon, when he transfers his prophetic gift to her in centre dublin cost, a farewell kiss. His death changes her, not just because she’s now stuck with excruciating visions, but also because she truly did love him and amazingly for Cordy, mourns for him when he’s dead, watching the terrible advertising videos he made for tips a scholarship essay her with sobering intensity and regret, finding within herself a new level of humanity. But her newfound depth does not mean she accepts the visions. Cordy is thesis centre dublin, still Cordy, and the goal of her life is application essay, still to help Cordy, not a bunch of unwashed people who show up screaming in her head.

She does her best to thesis cost, pass on essays on changes in the land by william cronon, the visions, kissing everyone who walks by—“I don’t care, I want it out of me, and centre if kissing is the only way to neutral cover, get rid of it, I will smooch every damn frog in this kingdom”—because, as she declares, she doesn’t have anything to atone for. Her last kiss is with Barney, the empath demon, who reads her mind and sticks a knife into centre cost, her soul, the second test the writers send her. He tells her that she knows she does have things to atone for, that she knows she’s self-absorbed and full of regret and, the unkindest cut, that she’s fully aware that she’s a terrible actress: “You feel it,” he tells her. Application Essay. “You’re entire being is whispering it to me right now.” When Cordy fights back, saying, “You don’t know a thing about me or Doyle,” he says, “I know you let him die.” Whether it’s true or not, it feels true, and when Barney adds, “If only for one freaking second, you gave a damn about anything besides yourself,” he’s condemning the source of thesis dublin, her strength, cutting into the core of who she is (“Parting Gifts,” A 1-10). Cordy, of course, does not give up, rallying an tips for writing a scholarship, auction house full of demon collectors to thesis cost, bid higher for the visionary eyes they plan to rip out of her head by extolling her many real and imagined virtues in a scene that is the epitome of Cordelia-ness. The end of the tips a scholarship, episode is centre dublin cost, a mixed blessing: Barney appears to give Cordelia empathy as he dies, an attribute that’s as toxic to her character as Kryptonite, but Cordy has also faced her inner demons—with the help of an outer one—and survived, gaining even more self-knowledge and technology essay moving into adulthood. And she’s gained something else, too. Angel saves her again, the one constant in her life now, and he takes her back to thesis centre cost, his basement apartment where he fixes her breakfast. As she tells the new third partner, Wesley, as they invite him to cover letter, the table, breakfast is “one of the perks of the job. After an all-nighter of dublin cost, fighting evil, we get eggs” (“Parting Gifts,” A 1-10).

The empathy Barney has cursed her with makes it possible for her to connect to others without losing her basic self-interest and distrust of technology essay, humanity–without losing, that is, her core identity. As she explains in thesis centre cost, the last scene in “Expecting” (A1-12), when she faces a concerned Angel and Wesley the morning after her ordeal: Cordelia: I learned that all men are evil. Cover Letter. Oh, wait, I knew that. I learned that LA is full of self-serving phonies. No, had that down, too. Thesis Centre. Sex is hewlett packard case solution, bad?

Angel: We all knew that. Cordelia: Okay I learned that I have two people that I trust absolutely with my life. And that part’s new. It’s clear, too, that Cordelia is not alone in perceiving her community. She’s the thesis dublin, one that Angel turns to with his greatest fear, that he will turn into Angelus again. In Society. When he asks her, “If the day ever comes,” Cordelia says promptly, “Oh, I’ll kill you dead,” and he thanks her, knowing full well that she will, that he can count on her enlightened practicality to centre, murder him without blinking. It’s one of many exchanges that cement an extremely unlikely relationship, something Angel acknowledges in “Expecting,” when a friend of a scholarship essay, Cordy’s says, “You the boyfriend?” and he replies, “No, I’m family.” It would have been so easy for the Mutant Enemy writers to thesis centre dublin, slip at this point, to make Angel and Cordelia lovers, to make Cordelia a do-gooder, to even make Cordelia less selfish, but they stayed true to her character: Cordelia might be empathetic, she might have attached with real emotion to neutral cover letter, a man who can’t give her diamonds, but she’s still Cordelia Chase. Or as she sums it up in “She”: “Well, this is great now we’re really—do I have to take a pay cut?—a team.” The empathy and visions that lesser writers might have made A Very Special Growth Experience continue to centre dublin cost, be a pain in the brain, as Cordelia complains, “I don’t just see, I feel, okay?” adding, “I hate this gig” (“She,” A 1-13). It was the hewlett packard case study, perfect balance of self-centeredness and responsibility, but it couldn’t last because story, like life, is fluid.

While Cordelia’s relationship with Angel grows stronger, and thesis dublin her life grows richer, the visions grow more violent until they’re literally killing her. When Skip, the demon sent by essays the Powers That Be, offers her a choice of two futures, one becoming part demon so she can stay with Angel and continue to help others and dublin the other becoming the Mary Tyler Moore of the twenty-first century, Cordy picks being Mary and leaves the solution, others to rot while she revels in thesis, success. But like most choices offered by the Powers, it doubles back on her, and when she’s led back to figure essay, Angel, now made insane by the visions, she kisses him and takes them back, because it’s Angel, and she loves him, and because, at a deeper level, she can’t bear the guilt that failing to save another man who loves her will bring (“Birthday,” A 3-11). This isn’t Cordelia the thesis dublin cost, Saint, it’s Cordelia the Practical, risking a demon tail to go back to the place where she has someone she trusts absolutely. It’s both the neutral cover, right thing to thesis dublin cost, do for tips for writing a scholarship essay others and thesis centre cost the right thing to do for for writing a scholarship essay her, and Cordy needs both as motivation now. Centre Cost. She stays, growing even closer to Angel, accepting his son as her own and finally acknowledging her attraction to him which, entirely in character, comes long after he’s admitted his attraction to application essay, her. Her brief flirtation with Groo, the uncomplicated cartoon Angel who loves her the way Angel will always love Buffy, isn’t enough for the Inner Cordy who now, as always, accepts no less expensive substitutes.

And so, inevitably, she invites Angel to meet her on the beach to consummate their relationship. It’s at this point that the ME writers evidently lost their minds. For on a busy highway, time stops, a blue light shines down and the Powers That Be invite Cordy up to be a Higher Power. And Cordy, in one of the lamest scenes in Mutant Enemy history (and my deepest sympathies to Charisma Carpenter for having to act in thesis centre cost, it), accepts without much protest (“I know it’s right, I know somehow it’s gonna be all right”), setting aside the technology essay, fact that she was about to have cosmic sex with a supernatural hero, not even asking first if there’ll be little blue boxes and great shoes in Heaven (“Tomorrow,” A 3-22). The Material Girl, even after great spiritual awakening, does not go where she cannot shop, but Cordelia leaped at the chance as thousands of viewers frowned at the screen and centre cost said, “I don’t believe she’d do that. Must be a joke,” and technology in society essay waited in vain for the punch line. From there, things only got worse. Cordy came back dressed like Elvira Queen of the Night and thesis cost slept with Connor, Angel’s sulky son. (A good topic for cover letter another essay: Why do the Good Girls Gone Bad of the Whedon Universe–the Bad Willow, Buffy from cost Cleveland, Cordelia the Beastmaster, and Blue Fred–always wear too much eyeliner and essay dress like dominatrixes? Where’s the subtext, the humor, the subtlety?) That Cordy came back with bad fashion sense was a real betrayal; that she came back and cuckolded Angel with a boy she’d considered her son was just gross. Whatever hope I had of Cordelia’s Ascension being a bad mistake that could be forgotten died when she rolled in the sheets with Connor while Angel watched from thesis centre cost a nearby rooftop (“Apocalypse Nowish,” A4-7).

I’ve been a fervid Whedon fan from the beginning, but I almost stopped watching the show at that point, convinced that Mutant Enemy had been devoured by demons, probably masquerading as network vice presidents. Cover. I tuned in again for and was delighted with “Awakening,” a perfectly executed Gotcha episode, but it wasn’t enough to balance what the writers had done to centre cost, Cordelia, and it only cover letter got worse when the writers flashed what they evidently thought was their winning hand: The whole Cordelia-and-Connor outrage had been a Gotcha, too. Here’s it’s necessary to discuss good and bad Gotchas in order to thesis centre, understand the essay, depth, breadth and height of Mutant Enemy’s mistake. Thesis. The Gotcha is a trick that writers play on readers and viewers and it’s a very dangerous move to make. Much of what makes reading or viewing enjoyable is the understanding that the reader or audience is in trusted hands, that the writers will not lie to them, make them feel stupid, or fail them in any way, so any story that relies on figure essay, fooling the thesis dublin, reader walks a very fine line. Essays On Changes In The Land. Readers want to be surprised; they don’t want to thesis, be betrayed.

The brilliance of the Gotcha in “Awakening” rests on two important things: There are plenty of clues to show what’s really happening, and the Gotcha is revealed at the end of the episode. “Awakening” begins with the attempt to turn Angel into Angelus to get information that only the demon has. The surefire way to do this is to give Angel one moment of perfect happiness making love with a woman he loves, and leadership essay since Buffy is in Sunnydale and would probably reject the idea of sleeping with Angel to bring back the worst serial killer in centre dublin cost, history, they turn to a shaman who tries to put Angel into a deep sleep. But Angel disarms him—the shaman is evil of course—and reveals secret writings tattooed on the shaman’s torso (there have been stranger things in the Whedon universe) which lead them to search for a sword to kill the Beast (a little standard for ME but still possible within its boundaries), which draws them all through a Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark -like maze (too on-the-nose, but I still bought it) to the sword which Connor gives up to Angel, calling him Dad and reconciling with him long enough to kill the Beast together (oh, come on ) and hamlet tragic ending with all the Angel crew reconciled and happy, and Cordy telling Angel that she’d always loved him best and giving herself to thesis dublin cost, him, at which point I hooted and said, “What is this, Angel’s wet dream?” which, by damn, it was. That is, the shaman had given Angel the dream so he could achieve his moment of perfect happiness—his friends reconciliation, his son’s love and packard Cordy in his bed—and as a result turn into thesis dublin cost, Angelus.

It was one of the in society, most perfect Gotchas I’ve ever seen, the kind that earns my highest praise: “Why can’t I write like that?” Why was it so good? Because the first time I thought, Oh, come on, should have tipped me off that things weren’t real, should have prompted me to take what I knew of the Whedon universe and put together exactly what was happening. Thesis Centre Dublin. The clues were all there, which is in the cronon, why it was such a delight to be Gotcha-ed; they’d played fair. More important, they hadn’t destroyed character to get their effect.

That is, they pushed the limits of credibility past the breaking point, but Angel was still intrinsically Angel and thesis centre dublin cost Cordy still intrinsically Cordy; like hypnotized subjects, they might be doing things they wouldn’t choose to do, but they weren’t doing things that their characters could not do. No character was harmed in the making of the tips a scholarship, “Awakening” Gotcha, so we could all return to thesis dublin cost, the reality of the season without any damaging memories and packard study with, in fact, a much deeper understanding of Angel, who has Raiders fantasies. The Beastmaster-Cordy Gotcha, however, was the worst of all possible Gotchas. It piled inconsistency on obscenity, it disgusted the viewer, and it destroyed Cordy’s character and viewer trust, all without giving a clue that there was something else going on. Thesis Centre Dublin. To use Agatha-Christie-mystery-ese, it didn’t play fair with the viewer. Which meant that when, ten weeks later, it was revealed that the Thing in the Black Bustier was not Cordy, it was too late. Neutral. The Beastmaster had spent too much time in our heads as the thesis centre dublin cost, real Cordy, we’d spent too much honest revulsion on the debasing of her character, for us to in the land by william cronon, go back to thesis centre dublin, the Cordelia we once loved. It’s not that she stabs Lila; the leadership essay, real Cordy could have done that if pressed. It’s that she betrays the man she trusts above all others and who trusts her absolutely; it’s that she seduces a boy she once diapered; it’s that she dresses like a drag queen and thesis dublin talks like a Dynasty reject. It’s that she’s not Cordy, and technology what might have been fun to dublin cost, watch had we been let into the secret before the Beastmaster seduced Connor becomes the extended rape and death of a much-beloved character. The result of a bad Gotcha is devastating to story: I was angry at the writers for technology what they’d done to Cordelia, and that’s a break in the willing suspension of disbelief that’s vital to thesis centre dublin, the survival of any imaginary world.

The much-too-delayed revelation that it wasn’t Cordy only neutral letter made me angrier. I’d been jerked around, Gotcha-ed in the worst way, and the continuing presence of Cordy’s face and body on the show were a continuing violation. Sending Cordy into thesis, a coma was the best thing they could have done, but it didn’t make up for the betrayal of trust, and I didn’t really return to that universe as a believer until the writers resurrected the real Cordy in the fifth season episode, “You’re Welcome” ( A 5-12). “You’re Welcome” is an neutral cover, episode about loss, not only thesis cost Angel’s but the viewers. Tips For Writing. Cordelia wakes up, self-centered as always, still caring deeply about centre Angel, taking a last kiss at hamlet, the end because she wants it, and because oh, yeah, there are those visions to pass on. She still tells Harmony to torture Eve (and let it be said that Harmony wasn’t the thesis cost, only one hoping Eve would make a break for essays on changes in the by william it so she’d die), she still does an angry fluster when confronted with occult technology and dublin cost she still says the blatantly rude but honest thing; she is, in fact, our Cordy again.

Her tragic ending in no way cheapens her return because the writers play fair, foreshadowing the Gotcha to come. Essay. Cordy’s in a private room, yet she gestures to thesis centre cost, a body in a bed half hidden by a curtain, and says, “That chick’s in rough shape.” She watches Doyle’s tape and says, “First soldier down,” implying there’s a second. She tells Angel that Doyle “used his last breath to make sure you’d keep fighting. I get that now.” And at the end she tells him, “I can’t stay. In The. This isn’t me any more… I’m on a different road.” All of these moves not only cost keep the Gotcha from undercutting the emotional impact of the story, they reinforce character: This is what Cordelia would do. Because of that respect for her core identity, Cordy ends as the real thing, the character who had grown to essay, be a vividly believable woman over eight years of stories, who acts in character and still surprises everyone with a last, honest Gotcha. I am grateful to Mutant Enemy for giving Cordelia a Good Gotcha, but I’m even more grateful that they gave her a Good Death, one that honors her character. Watching the old episodes of Angel for this essay brought back to me how important character truth is to any story, but especially to thesis centre cost, episodic story that spans years. In Society. The growth of Cordelia Chase’s character was exemplary over dublin cost, six years, a creation of a flawed, complex, selfish character who was at the same time admirable and technology in society lovable. She grew and centre cost changed but she was never anything but Cordelia Chase until the writers were corrupted by the Beast and betrayed her and the viewers who loved her.

As a cautionary tale, the Character Assassination of Cordelia Chase is technology in society, tragically invaluable. As a great, great character, Cordelia is sincerely mourned. Written by Jennifer Crusie, this essay was originally published as “The Assassination of Cordelia Chase.” Five Seasons of centre dublin cost, Angel: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire . Ed. Glenn Yeffeth. BenBella Books, Oct 2004.

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37 Quotes from Heroin Users on Addiction and the Struggle to Stay Sober. Photo Credit: RUSOTURISTO. For a heroin addict, recovery is thesis centre dublin, a life-long process. Philip Seymour Hoffman had been clean for 23 years before he relapsed in 2013, and died from an apparent overdose last week. For the past 26 years I've thought of heroin every day. Application Essay. But never thought of using it. It never made anything better, just worse. Look, every junky is thesis centre, always considering getting clean.

Every junky wants to be clean. Every using junky also wants more heroin. Call it a contradiction call it what you want. But no junky wants the life they have. I woke up last week to the radio playing quietly. I got ready for the trek to the other end of the house to wake up the in society essay, kid. The 7:30am news came on. Thesis Centre Dublin. I was still sleepy. 'The actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman is hamlet tragic, dead.' I was only half listening. I'd seen his work but have never been one to pay much attention to centre cost famous personalities or celebrities. 'He was forty-six.' That caught half my attention – the same age as me. 'From a heroin overdose.' There I was, sitting on the edge of my bed with a syringe full of hewlett case study solution heroin in my hand.

My father died from addiction, we lost a cousin, I myself had numerous overdoses and centre dublin, helped prevent siblings from OD-ing (all of application essay who are now clean thanks to the process of one addict helping another that Russell Brand spoke of). Thesis Dublin Cost. Hearing about Hoffman affects me the application, same way as if it were a friend. I didnt know he was an addict untill he died, but when I heard of his story and addiction I immediatly identified with him. We work the same way in centre dublin our minds. Solution. I know what happened to him before he picked up. I know how he felt. I'm pretty sure it started the same way most relapses do. I live in real fear that I'll relapse. This is thesis dublin cost, what scares me late at night: If somebody like Hoffman had gone so long without smack (heroin), and just jumped back in one day – how close am I to neutral cover letter doing the same?

I live in real fear that I'll relapse, and being so much older now, there's no way I'd survive this time around. No one sets out to be a heroin addict. It's not a lifestyle choice. I was a high-profile model and intravenous heroin addict. I copped on the street. Thesis Centre Cost. Heroin doesn't discriminate. It is unbearably wonderful for surpressing pain and generating a false sense of well-being.

I loved heroin. Addicts who say I hate heroin are lying to themselves. We wouldn't stick needles in our arms daily if we didn't love the way it made us feel. In Society. But when it wears off, you're in a hole so big its impossible to climb out. No one sets out to be a heroin addict. It's not a lifestyle choice. If you are an cost, addict you are either using, clean or dead.

There is nothing in neutral between. I have been clean for six years and wish never to return, but drugs are never far away. For me using is like my default setting. I had been clean for about two years and my father had a stroke. I had a wobble as I felt so helpless and needed the support of a bit of thesis centre dublin gear. I felt so shit the next time I went to see him I knew I couldn't use again. He needed me more than I needed the gear. After all these years, I still have some kind of tips a scholarship sick fascination with heroin. Heroin is a very potent drug.

The high feels like a long lasting orgasm. Recovery from heroin addiction is almost a miracle. Because it is thesis centre cost, not only your body that screams for the substance. Land By William Cronon. Your brain wants it too. Without heroin, emotional pain feels unbearable. Hoffman's death has not resulted in feelings of sorrow, but thoughts and feelings of centre dublin cost nostalgia. After been clean for 3 months. I am at a stage now where I'm starting to feel good again about myself and my life. But Hoffman's death has aroused a whole new fresh public discourse around heroin addiction, and I must say that its effect on me has not resulted in cover letter feelings of sorrow, or relief, but thoughts and feelings of nostalgia. The fact that nostalgic thoughts and feelings have been aroused from hearing about the tragic death of this great actor, just shows how utterly irrational the addicted mind is. It's not thoughts of relief that I have, such as Wow that could have been me, I'm so lucky.

But rather it is thoughts of reminiscence; thoughts of how euphoric he must have felt in those last few weeks of relapse, or even in his last few moments. Centre Cost. The addicted mind is a selfish mind, no doubt, but also an utterly helpless one. It's easy to think that because you have been clean and sober for so long that using one time will be OK. It's easy to neutral cover letter become complacent in your recovery. I know people who are 40 years clean and thesis, sober, and people who've gone only a couple of days, but we are all in cover letter the same boat: we are sober today. Thesis Dublin Cost. It's easy to think that because you have been clean and sober for so long that using one time will be OK. It's easy to become complacent in essays in the by william your recovery. That's why I attend 12-step meetings, so that I dont forget what it was like, to remind myself that I'm only centre one drink or drug away from the person I once was.

If I had one drink or one hit, my illness would make me want more and more, something the 'normal' person may not understand. Every single time I relapse, my life spins out of packard solution control. I've lost jobs, crashed my car twice, gone broke, narrowly escaped jail – and I am one of the fortunate ones. One of the thesis dublin cost, worst things about a relapse for me is not the loss of money and material things, but the loss of love and trust from my family. The 'War On Drugs' has been a dismal failure. The best possible outcome of losing a genius like Phillip Seymour Hoffman to drugs is getting everyone to examine how the 'War On Drugs' has been a dismal failure. What we need to in the look at is legalization, regulation, quality control; making rehab centers far more accessible; treating addiction like the thesis centre dublin cost, terrible disease it is, and hewlett packard study, not some crime for dublin cost, which being incarcerated is punishment. I wish people would understand that addiction is a symptom. It's a symptom of unresolved underlying issues, or an attempt to self-medicate issues like depression or anxiety. My addiction was born out of an intense lack of self esteem and severe childhood trauma, and my continued drug use was simply terror at leadership, feeling exposed in a world that I felt I had no skills to negotiate. Heroin was a buffer between me and the harshness of humanity, and centre dublin cost, giving it up was the scariest thing I've ever done.

The media's 'It's so sad', 'How could this happen?' style coverage of application a celebrity overdose pisses me right off. I'm the recovering child and grandchild of addicts.The media's 'It's so sad', 'How could this happen?' style coverage of a celebrity overdose pisses me right off, frankly. It's naive, voyeuristic and irresponsible. Everyone ignores the addict's victims completely. Addiction is cost, a family disease. Addicts don't just ruin their own lives. Everyone in land cronon the family becomes dysfunctional. There are panicked rushes to inject in public toilets, a desperation to hide injection sites from employers and perpetual fear of a crackdown. There are different sides to thesis addiction. There are the hewlett packard solution, cold-turkey mornings scanning the cost, streets for hewlett packard case study solution, the sight of someone who might be holding, the anticipation of a hit, the thesis, calm of the application essay, high and the inevitable crash into realisation that the money is thesis centre, needed to get that spoonful of brown sugar, make the medicine go down. There is endless waiting for acquaintances whose own broken facades sicken you and remind you of the road you are travelling.

There are bailiffs, policemen and rip-off merchants to contend with. Leadership. There are panicked rushes to thesis cost inject in on changes cronon public toilets, a desperation to hide injection sites from employers (if you can manage to keep a job as I did) and thesis dublin, perpetual fear of a crack down. Packard Study Solution. It is a vicious trap for the desperate, wounded and dublin cost, impoverished. I spent 14 years begging on the streets, eating out of bins, almost dying from infections and having hell inside my skull. The broken shell of a human I was this time three years ago couldn't have dreamt of the life I have now – it's far from fucking perfect but I can sit on packard case study solution, a bus without worrying that I'm speaking the self-recriminations running through my head without realising it, clenching my jaws to thesis cost stop myself from on changes in the cronon, speaking, but disbelieving I'm doing it. I value mself now. There is dublin, life after drugs and it's worth living. Once addicted, your life then becomes a dedication to your addiction.

The longer one takes heroin the greater one's tolerance becomes. Eventually, the little bags weren't enough to stave off the symptoms of withdrawal, and more and more was required just to on changes in the by william cronon get me to work, just to get me to dublin cost sleep, just to get through this trauma, just to not feel how miserable I was … and then that little promise you made to essays land cronon yourself – 'never ever a needle' – begins to get broken down because your tolerance is now so high, smoking the stuff just doesn't touch the sides. Welcome to dublin cost a whole new game of heroin addiction, needle fixation and vein degradation. Now the case solution, game is in centre cost a different league, the complications and ramifications are endless but they all lead to one road, an hamlet figure essay, ever increasing addiction. Centre. It's been 17 years this year since I injected my last hit of heroin which most certainly would have been in my neck, the land, only veins I could use at that point in my addiction. The feeling is thesis centre dublin cost, almost impossible to explain to someone who has never done an opiate. Essays Land By William. High-profile deaths make me terribly sad, not because I, in thesis anyway, knew the people intimately, but because they remind me of hewlett case all of the people I have known and lost to thesis centre dublin drugs. Four young men. I went to high school with three of them: one overdosed in his senior year, one in his freshman year of college, one last year.

They were all extremely intelligent and gifted. It's important to maintain a strong support system. Every time that I hear about an overdose, it makes me even more determined to stay clean and in society essay, sober. Thesis Centre Dublin. It can happen to anyone. That's why it's important to neutral maintain a strong support system, work with other addicts and stay connected. It's when you start becoming complacent with your recovery that things can go downhill. When I was living in Amsterdam at the height of my habit, junkies were being fished out of the canals two-at-a-time most weekends. None of us expected to thesis dublin cost live very long. A lot of scare-mongering goes on in society essay, in the media about drug use. I managed to live a quite civilized life while I lived in Holland, keeping my works clean and centre dublin cost, cooking up only the leadership, best Chinese and Persian heroin delivered to my door by smiling dealers every day.

There were many people there who led normal lives while addicted to smack and this is never addressed because a puking Pete Doherty makes for better headlines. Heroin encases you in thesis centre a little cotton-wool house and nothing hurts anymore. When times are hard, heroin encases you in by william a little cotton-wool house and nothing hurts anymore. If you haven't put in centre cost the work to become truly mindful, it's very easy to relapse. We know what heroin feels like, even twenty or thirty years after a hit. The memory of on changes that wonderful warm feeling remains. I believe in giving up drugs on your own terms.

Now that I am in my mid-thirties the desire to use has lessened. Centre Dublin Cost. Addiction is a continuum and some people must stay away from absolutely everything, including alcohol – even if that wasn't their drug of choice. We all have different levels of personal strength and self control, so I don't believe 12-step programs are for everyone. I believe in giving up drugs on your own terms, and hewlett case solution, I don't wake up every morning still wanting to use. Thesis Centre Dublin Cost. The cons just always outweighed the pros for me, and I always remind myself of that. That shit just ain't worth it. I have no words of wisdom to offer an addict as he destroys everything he loves for 30 minutes of nirvana. Neutral Letter. I am now 35 and for as long as I can remember my father has been injecting heroin. Cost. I have never touched illegal drugs.

But I wonder when I will get the call to neutral letter identify my father's body after he has been found alone in cost his bathroom with a needle in his arm. What will I say to my partner (who has never met my junkie dad) or my friends, will I even mention he has died? We are all fighting life and pain. I'm a recovering addict and now student, working towards a degree in criminal justice and licensure in hamlet tragic essay alcohol and drug counseling. The discussion of high-profile cases always reminds me of the stigma that addiction still carries, even within the system that is meant to rehabilitate. I think it's a big reason why so many in recovery fall through the cracks. I was essentially babysat for thesis centre cost, a couple of weeks by people in Narcotics Anonymous, who fed me, talked to me and tips for writing, took me to meetings until I could look after myself again. I first got clean in 1995.

I relapsed twice in my first year because it took me a while to 'get' the [Narcotics Anonymous] program. Both times it was over a bloke. I think I thought I couldn't deal with the pain. Thesis Dublin Cost. The last time I relapsed, it only lasted one evening. My boyfriend split up with me and technology in society, I went and scored instead of picking up the phone and taking to a friend or going to a meeting (which is what I'd do now).

A friend turned up while I was smoking some heroin and took it off me, then turned up the next morning to thesis cost take me to a lunchtime NA meeting. Tips Essay. I was essentially babysat for a couple of weeks by people in the fellowship, who fed me, talked to me, and took me to meetings until I could look after myself again. Thesis Centre Cost. 17 years and five months later I'm still clean. Addiction is a great equal-opportunities malady. It takes one and all regardless of in society essay class, creed or distinction. I have been in recovery for dublin cost, 16 years. Throughout that time unfortunately I have seen many people relapse some of whom have died.

The high-profile deaths do not affect me any more than hearing about any addict dying. Addiction is a great equal opportunities malady. It takes one and all regardless of class, creed or distinction. You get tough from essay, going to so many funerals, you harden to the loss. I learned early on that I will never be cured. I have four sons. The two youngest were born addicts.

My life was a mess and I wrecked my family's life too. I have four sons. The two youngest were born addicts. Thesis Centre Dublin Cost. I was a shoplifter and prositute and couldn't stop using drugs. Hewlett Packard Case Solution. I got arrested all the time.

It was a sad lonely period of my life. I finally got involved in thesis dublin cost an NA fellowship and got clean. Staying clean is essays on changes in the by william, now my priority. And no, I haven't relapsed. If something happens to trigger my need, the centre cost, craving comes back as fresh as it was the very first week of sobriety. When I was using heroin, very few people were aware of packard case study solution it. I was ranked in the top 4% of my 1000+ high school class and a member of the varsity basketball team; not the most likely suspect for dublin, heroin addiction. Packard Case Solution. Now, I always try to be vigilant for the signs of mental illness in centre dublin cost others, and help to support my friends who struggle with addiction and depression as I once did. The temptation of neutral letter addiction isn’t a constant pull that diminishes over centre cost, time; it ebbs and flows corresponding with the powerful emotions that lead to hewlett case such harmful escapism in the first place.

The concept of triggers is very important to understand; certain events, places, people and dublin, emotions serve as a catalyst to invoke the temptation to in society essay fall back on one’s progress. I can go for months without being tempted to use, but if something happens to trigger my need, the craving comes back as fresh as it was the centre dublin cost, very first week of sobriety. It shames me to write this now, but I did continue using – mainlining – for the first few months of the pregnancy. Hardly anyone in my current life knows my history of drug addiction. My close family and for writing essay, just one of my friends knows. None of my colleagues have any idea and I think would have great difficulty believing it. It is possible to turn your life around entirely, even from the sordid world of cost mainlining hard drugs. I have a good job, a happy marriage and my son is fine despite what I put him through. That might well have been very different if I hadn't give up when I did. My motivation for giving up was becoming pregnant with my first child (my partner was also a drug addict). Once you've relapsed, the packard solution, life you had in recovery seems like someone else's.

Addiction has a way of making these REALLY compelling arguments toward self-destruction and isolation. Even in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, addiction will convince you that you don't deserve to live a good life; that everyone close to thesis centre dublin cost you would be better off if you just left and letter, that the dublin, only thing that will help is to use drugs. Sometimes I think I would like to shoot up water just to experience the whole ceremony surrounding the event. My first thought when reading about PSH was a sort of selfish gratification that there are successful people who have troubles. Technology. Addiction crosses all boundaries but as soon as I saw the statement from thesis centre cost, his family, I was consumed with a sense of empathy for the deep sadness they are suffering. I started using when I was 12, by in society the age of 36 I was shooting up methadone between my toes. I started using when I was 12, by the age of thesis centre dublin cost 36 I was shooting up methadone between my toes as the majority of my veins had collapsed. I have not felt like using for years but that is not everyone's experience. Recovery doesn't make you immune from life. After nine years clean I held my dead son in my arms.

For the life of me I could not figure out how shooting heroin would bring him back. Hewlett Packard Case Solution. That wasn't ok but I am ok. Using doesn't fix anything. I came so close to total disaster. It was like I was walking blindfolded towards the edge of the cliff. At about 28-years-old I found crystal meth and I thought it was just amazing. Cost. It made me confident in social situations and whereas alcohol had stopped working for me, the drugs made me happy. But I wanted more, and more and more, and what was a progression into alcoholism that took about 10 years took only 1 year into full-blown drug addiction. Within 12 months I went from using ecstasy, then cocaine, then GHB, then meth, and others and essay, it got out of control. I still thought I was ok though. I thought I was having an amazing life with heaps of centre cost fun but I didn’t see the complete destruction I was causing to my life.

My first sponsor and technology in society, I worked out that in that one year of using drugs I spent at centre, least $40,000. In this madness I was still holding down my job and paying my bills. As an addict in my early 20s, I nearly succumbed to essays on changes land cronon several heroin overdoses. For those who cannot comprehend its power, I would tell them that a person can become hooked after using for the first time. It happened to me.

In the summer of 1995, I snorted a bag of China White in a stairwell on St Mark's Place in New York City. Three days later, I was shooting black tar in Golden Gate Park. I was seventeen years old. Centre. When I heard about tips for writing, Seymour 'going out' (as we say in recovery) after 23 years, it scared the thesis cost, crap out of me. I have been clean and sober 27 years.

When I heard about tips for writing a scholarship, Seymour going out (as we say in recovery) after 23 years, it scared the crap out of me. Centre Dublin Cost. Sometimes I think I am pretty normal until something like this happens. It keeps me scared straight. I double up on meetings. Pray, work my steps and work with my sponsees. I am one drink or drug away from a relapse . A living hell if not death. Do I have another high in me? Yes. Do I have another clean and hamlet figure, sobering up? I don't know.

We get deaths like this every few months, either in thesis the media or in our recovery community. Tips For Writing Essay. I attend a 12 step program where we were all shaken by the Hoffman overdose. At meetings around the city, that's what we were talking about. Thesis Centre Cost. But we get deaths like this every few months, either in the media or in technology essay our recovery community. Whenever I hear of a celebrity drug death, especially when it relates to smack (heroin), often the first thing that comes to mind is the hypocrisy which surrounds drugs and thesis, junkies.

The celebrity drug death is technology in society essay, always a victim of some dire life circumstances, a tragic loss of someone who had so much to give, while the junkie on the street somehow chooses to be there and should be locked away. I find it hard to thesis dublin cost remain vigilant when there is a high-profile overdose. Case. I become obsessed [by high-profile] overdose and wonder what it must've been like to have broken sobriety and fall back into thesis centre the dark abyss of drugs. Hearing and reading about it in the news doesn't make me want to stay clean but it creates these urges to use again. I'm not sure if it's because as an addict I have a self destructive persona or because I miss that dark abyss. All I know is that hearing about these high profile over essay, doses doesn't make me thankful to be clean but it brings out the curiosity within me. What if that was me? What if? So Few Americans Understand What the Second Amendment Is Really About—or Its Dark History.

Displayed Publishing Date: Mon, 10/02/2017 - 08:32. Leaked Memo Reveals White House Strategy to Duck Blame for thesis centre, Puerto Rico Catastrophe. Displayed Publishing Date: Mon, 10/02/2017 - 04:05. Cover Letter. Chomsky: Trump#039;s #1 Goal as President. Centre Cost. Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian / TomDispatch. Displayed Publishing Date: Tue, 10/03/2017 - 08:26. Facebook and Google Promote Politicized Fake News About Las Vegas Shooter.

Displayed Publishing Date: Mon, 10/02/2017 - 13:51. Hamlet Tragic Figure Essay. What Was the Washington Post Thinking with This Story About the Las Vegas Shooter? Displayed Publishing Date: Tue, 10/03/2017 - 08:33. CNN#039;s Jim Acosta Calls Trump#039;s Behavior on cost, His Puerto Rico Trip Exactly What It Was. Displayed Publishing Date: Tue, 10/03/2017 - 22:06. Country Musician Who Played Las Vegas Music Festival Renounces Support for Second Amendment. Displayed Publishing Date: Tue, 10/03/2017 - 03:55. Letter. Leaked Talking Points Reveal White House Plan to Spin Las Vegas Massacre.

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Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud. Cost. Editorial: Google#039;s Threat to Democracy Hits AlterNet Hard. What#039;s a #039;Lone Wolf#039;? It#039;s the technology, Special Name We Give White Terrorists. Manafort Accused of Lying to Bankruptcy Court—by His Own Son-In-Law. Anti-Abortion Rep. Wanted To Abort His Baby. Centre. Watch: Larry David and essay, Bernie Sanders Are Related. With No Muslims to Blame, Trump the dublin cost, Twitter Troll Has Gone Eerily Silent About the Las Vegas Murderer.

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Chapter 24: Generating Reports on Outlook Data. This content is outdated and is no longer being maintained. It is centre dublin cost provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies. This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to neutral letter sites or pages that no longer exist. This article is an excerpt from Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming: Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators by Sue Mosher from Elsevier (ISBN 978-1-55558-346-0, copyright Elsevier 2008, all rights reserved).

No part of these chapters may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by centre dublin cost any means—electronic, electrostatic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. If any single area of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 falls short, it’s printing and reporting. Outlook’s built-in ability to regurgitate its data—either as printed reports or as files in other formats—is very limited. For example, when you use Outlook’s File , Import and Export command, you cannot export user-defined fields, and some useful standard fields don’t export at all! Furthermore, there is no method for printing a legacy custom form or form region in hewlett packard solution a format that resembles the thesis centre cost, on-screen form. An individual item always prints in hamlet tragic figure essay Outlook’s memo style, which produces a simple list of fields. Any custom fields print in alphabetical order. Because of these major limitations, being able to extract Outlook data into some other format—either a file or a printed report—is an essential skill for centre, Outlook programmers. Essays By William. This chapter discusses how you can export and thesis print from Outlook without programming, using techniques such as Outlook views. You will also see how to push Outlook data into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Technology In Society Essay. These reporting techniques can be adapted not just for printed output, but also to centre cost produce files of exported data.

Highlights of this chapter include discussions of the following: Why folder views are the for writing a scholarship essay, key to simple tabular reports. How to thesis dublin use a Word mail merge to tips a scholarship essay build a contact report. How to build tabular reports with Excel. How to thesis centre dublin print invoices and other reports that combine data from two different folders. The code marked as Visual Basic in this chapter is essay written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Users can print individual items or lists from Outlook folders by thesis dublin using the File | Print command.

On a custom form’s VBScript code, you can print an item by tragic figure calling Item.PrintOut.Text here. For an individual item, Outlook prints first its standard fields in a preset order (which neither user nor developer can control), then any custom fields in alphabetical order, and finally the contents of the item body. Thesis Centre. For example, Figure 24.1 shows a custom equipment repair request form and the standard printout you’d get from the Print command on the ribbon or the PrintOut method. The printout doesn’t follow the order of the form layout at all. Printing from a folder view can be a good way to generate a report on a scholarship multiple items because the user gets pretty much what is centre cost displayed on the screen. Hewlett Packard. You have other built-in reporting options, both programmatic and those involving no code at all, if you have Microsoft Word and Excel. Another technique is to centre use Outlook’s File | Import and technology in society essay Export command. Centre Dublin Cost. However, as noted above, this command cannot export custom fields or even all standard fields.

Also, the hamlet tragic figure essay, export feature is not programmable in thesis any way. Hewlett. If you want to export data to another file format, you will need to write code to create the file and push Outlook data into it. 24.1.1 Printing from customized folder views. Why are folder views important to Outlook reports? Because almost anything you can show in a view can be printed out. Table views (such as the default view of your Inbox folder) are particularly useful for thesis centre dublin, quick tabular reports on all kinds of Outlook data, including custom properties. Other types of views include timeline (which cannot be printed), card, icon, and day/week/month. To make this change…

Add columns to show other fields. Right-click on packard case study any column heading in the view, choose Field Chooser , and then drag fields from the Field Chooser to the view. Remove a field from a table view. Drag the column heading for thesis centre dublin cost, the field out of view. Display fields in a different order.

Drag a column heading to a new position. Change the width of a column. Drag the right border of a column heading to the left to make it narrower or to the right to make it wider. Change the width of a column. Drag the right border of a column heading to the left to make it narrower or to the right to make it wider. Adjust the width of a column to the best fit for the data. Double-click on tragic figure essay the right border of the thesis dublin, column heading. Organize related items by values in a particular field. Right-click the field’s column heading, and then choose Group By This Field . Sort by tragic figure essay particular field(s).

Click the column heading for centre, the field you want to application sort by; to centre dublin cost sort up to three additional fields, hold down the Ctrl key as you click the column heading. Show only items that meet particular criteria. Choose View , Current View , Customize Current View , click Filter , and set criteria in the Filter dialog box. Display data that meets particular criteria in letter a different font. Choose View , Current View , Customize Current View , and click Automatic Formatting . To create a new view from scratch, choose View | Current View | Define Views . In the thesis dublin cost, Define Views dialog box, click New or Copy . It is often easier to make a copy of an existing table view and modify it to suit your needs than create a totally new view. Table 24.1 lists many different ways to customize a table view. Hamlet Tragic Figure. These techniques can also be accessed by choosing View | Current View | Customize Current View and using the thesis, buttons on the Customize View dialog box, shown in Figure 24.2. Also use the commands in the Customize View dialog to customize non-table views.

As we saw in Chapter 22, it is also possible to create and modify views programmatically. The manual and programmatic approaches run up against the same limitations, though. For example, Outlook provides no way to display the entire item body in a view. In a table or timeline view with AutoPreview turned on, users can see only the first 255 characters. Essays Land By William Cronon. The same limitation applies to card views showing the Note field (in other words, the Body property). The Group By feature functions in a table view to group related items, such as those with the same category, and displays the number of items in each group. However, it cannot perform any subtotals or other calculations. If you need subtotals, a good strategy is to thesis cost use the Excel method in the next section, then add formulas to letter do the calculations. If a column in a table view is too narrow to show the full data in the field, the print output will also be truncated. To adjust columns accurately so that they print at thesis dublin cost the width you want, you may need to turn off automatic column sizing by following these steps: Right-click on a column heading and then choose Customize Current View . In the Customize View dialog box (see Figure 24.2), click Other Settings . In the Other Settings dialog box (see Figure 24.3), clear the box for Automatic column sizing and then click OK twice to return to the view.

Turning off automatic column sizing also turns off the two-line or “compact” layout, allowing you to adjust the column widths for all fields in for writing essay a single line. Printing from an Outlook view is definitely a what-you-see-is-what-you-get operation. Dublin Cost. Be sure to use the Preview command on the File | Print dialog box to on changes in the cronon check whether all your columns fit on the page before you print, especially if you turn off automatic column sizing. To change the margins for printing, choose File | Page Setup | Table Style , and then switch to the Paper tab. One benefit of table views is that you can copy their data to Microsoft Excel with just a few keystrokes and thesis centre dublin then use Excel for additional formatting or data manipulation. Even custom properties can be exported in this fashion. Follow these steps in any Outlook table view: Add and remove fields from a table view until it shows only the fields you want to copy. (You don’t need to worry about column width.)

Choose Edit , Select All , then Edit , Copy . Switch to a blank Excel worksheet, and then choose Edit , Paste . Once you have the data in Excel, you can use Excel’s formatting, formula, pivot table, and other features to get a good-looking printout with the summary and analysis that you need. For example, you might want to analyze the messages from an leadership essay Exchange public discussion folder to find out how many messages are being posted by each person every month. The copy-and-paste technique works, of thesis dublin cost course, only letter, with standard and hidden properties that are visible in folder views. For hidden properties, you can write code to push data into Excel, a technique we’ll cover in detail a little later in the chapter. We’ve already seen a good example of this, though, in centre Listing 15.9, which creates an tragic essay Excel report on message response times using two hidden MAPI properties. Note that if you try to copy and paste a field that contains carriage returns, the data will get split into different cells in Excel. One solution is to use an Outlook formula field to strip the carriage returns. For example, you could use this formula to extract the first line from the Business Address Street field: IIf(Left([Business Address Street], InStr([Business Address Street], Chr(10)))=, [Business Address Street], Left([Business Address Street], InStr([Business Address Street], Chr(10)) - 1)) and this one to generate any text on a second line: IIf(InStr([Business Address Street], Chr(10)) 0, Mid([Business Address Street], InStr([Business Address Street], Chr(10)) + 1, Len([Business Address Street]) - InStr([Business Address Street], Chr(10))),) Use such formula fields instead of Outlook’s built-in fields to “clean up” the data before you copy and paste to Excel.

24.1.3 Performing a Word mail merge. One of the most powerful ways to report on Outlook contact data is to perform a Word mail merge, starting the merge directly from centre dublin cost any Outlook contacts folder. Leadership Application Essay. You will need Word 2007 installed. You can even include custom fields in the merge document, as long as they are defined in the folder (as discussed in Chapter 21). Start in dublin the Outlook contacts folder that contains the data you want to tips essay print and follow these steps: Select one or more contacts in the folder. Choose Tools | Mail Merge . Make your choices on the Mail Merge Contacts dialog box (Figure 24.4), then click OK.

After Word displays the merge document, add merge fields, other text, and formatting as needed. Save the merge document if you think you might use it again. Click the Merge button in thesis centre cost Word. Mail merge to Word is particularly helpful if you need to export data from a contacts folder in packard case study the Public Folders hierarchy. Dublin. The built-in File | Import and technology in society Export command doesn't work with public folders. In Step 3, if you want to build a list or table of dublin items, select Catalog under Document type , as Figure 24.4 shows.

If you want to see custom fields in the Word merge field list, make sure you choose All contact fields under Fields to merge . Any custom fields must be defined in the User-Defined Fields in Folder list in the Field Chooser . After the Word document opens, to insert any Outlook contact field into the merge document, use the Insert Merge Fields command from the Write Insert Fields group (see Figure 24.5). Essays On Changes Cronon. To insert the contact body into the merge document, select the Notes field. Once you know how to loop through all the items in a folder, as discussed in centre cost Chapter 15, you are halfway toward the packard case, goal of thesis building reports using the Outlook object model. The other half of the hewlett, project is to thesis centre dublin cost lay out the data in an informative format. These are all potential “documents” that can store a report to be printed or saved: Outlook email messages—especially good if you need to transmit the essay, report to thesis dublin cost someone else. Outlook post items—if you want to keep the hewlett solution, report in an Outlook folder. Chapter 8 showed us how to create a text file and thesis dublin write data to it using FileScriptingObject techniques. Here are other code samples from earlier chapters that demonstrate different techniques related to report-building: Listing 13.10—Create a message listing all folders, with item count, in the current Outlook session. Listing 14.2—Create a message listing a spam message’s Internet headers.

Listing 15.9—Create a report in Microsoft Excel on message response times. Listing 17.5—Create a reply from a tokenized boilerplate message, inserting property values from another message into the reply. Listing 18.1—Create a message enumerating the user’s address lists. Listing 18.2—Create a post filled with the names, email addresses, and letter phone numbers of thesis centre Exchange users in essay the Global Address List (GAL). Listing 22.1—Create a message reporting on a user’s rules. Listings 18.1, 18.2, and 22.1 are particularly valuable as examples of how to use an HTML table element and related tags to centre organize information in a tabular format inside an Outlook message or post.

Word and Excel can hold tables, too, and we’ll spend the tips for writing a scholarship essay, rest of the thesis centre cost, chapter examining how to get data from Outlook into documents in those two applications. If you code a report in application essay the form of an thesis centre dublin cost Outlook message or post, you can use the PrintOut method of the letter, MailItem or PostItem object to print the report to the default printer. Outlook exposes no objects, however, to control printing. Therefore, if you need to change printers, print multiple copies, or otherwise customize the cost, printing operation, consider generating the hamlet tragic figure essay, printable output in Word or Excel and using those applications’ objects related to printing. For reports that require more formatting than Outlook views can provide or in cost which you want to technology perform complex data manipulation, Microsoft Excel is centre dublin cost a good tool. The row and column layout of an Excel worksheet is very similar to a table view in Outlook and is easy to handle in code. The feature that makes it possible to write code in Outlook to produce reports in land Excel is called Office automation. You can start an instance of any other Microsoft Office program (or use an existing copy if it’s already running), create a new document, and add data to it.

Conversely, you can design an Excel workbook with VBA code that instantiates an centre dublin cost Outlook.Application object and uses Outlook objects and properties to fill the leadership application, worksheet cells. Thesis Dublin. If you want to on changes in the land by william cronon take that approach, Chapter 7 has information on how to start an centre dublin Outlook session programmatically from external code. To create an application Excel report using Outlook VBA code, you first need to learn the centre cost, basics of opening a worksheet in Excel and adding data to it. Essay. Then, we’ll look at a specific example that extracts the names and addresses from an Outlook distribution list. 24.3.1 Understanding Excel report basics.

To work with Excel objects in VBA, choose Tools , References , and then check the box for Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library . In Outlook VBA, use the Insert | Module command to insert a new code module for your report samples and centre cost add the code in Listing 24.1. The GetExcelWS() function in Listing 24.1 not only returns an Excel.Worksheet object that you can later fill with Outlook data, but it also sets the module-level variable m_blnWeOpenedExcel to True or False depending on on changes by william cronon whether Excel was already open. Knowing the cost, state of Excel before your Outlook code runs is crucial to being able to essays on changes by william cronon return Excel to the same state when your Outlook code finishes. The Set objExcel = GetObject(, Excel.Application) statement checks whether Excel is already running. If Excel is not running, the code creates a new instance of Excel with the Set objExcel = CreateObject(Excel.Application) statement. The RestoreExcel subroutine uses the value of m_blnWeOpenedExcel to put Excel back in its original state after your code runs. A standard framework for populating and printing an thesis centre Excel worksheet, therefore, looks like this: (Visual Basic for Applications) Listing 24.1. Leadership Application. Create a new workbook and set a variable to track the status of Excel. (Visual Basic for Applications) If you want to print the worksheet without showing it to the user, omit the Application.Visible and thesis Activate statements.

If you want to display the worksheet but not print it, omit the Printout , Close , and CallRestoreExcel statements. You don’t need to essay restore Excel to its former state if you’re displaying a worksheet. You can make Excel or Word print to a specific printer by changing the value of the ActivePrinter property of the Word.Application or Excel.Application object to the name of the printer you want to use. For example, for a worksheet object objWS : objWS.Application.ActivePrinter = OKI C5500 . That’s something you can’t do with Outlook. The next step is to put data into the worksheet. Within a worksheet, use the Cells object to thesis centre cost specify a particular cell and packard case study put data into it. The Cells object takes row and column numbers as parameters using the syntax Cells(row, col) . Thesis Dublin. This code fragment puts the text “My First Excel Report” into cover cell A1 (or row 1, column 1) and thesis centre cost the text “End of Report” into cell E4 (or row 4, column 5) of a Worksheet object ( objWS ). (Visual Basic for Applications) Listing 24.2.

Apply formatting to Excel worksheets with range objects. (Visual Basic for Applications) Unlike Outlook, Excel includes a macro recorder that turns your keystrokes into VBA code. To start the Excel macro recorder, click the macro recorder button on the status bar at essay the bottom of the thesis centre dublin cost, Excel window. Perform various operations in Excel and click the macro recorder button again.

Press Alt+F11 to enter Excel’s VBA environment, where you will find the recorded macro in one of the essay, modules under Modules . You can copy code from thesis centre dublin Excel’s VBA window into your Outlook project, editing it as necessary to change the variable names. This can be a useful technique for discovering formatting properties and other methods in the Excel object model. Another useful Excel object is the Range object, which can cover an area that includes more than one cell, even nonadjacent areas. Technology In Society Essay. For simple rectangular ranges, you can use the Cells object to define a Range by its upper-left and lower-right corners. The MyFirstExcelReport procedure in Listing 24.2 adds the text from the dublin cost, code snippet above, then gives it bold formatting and displays it to essay the user. It uses the thesis dublin, GetExcelWS() function from Listing 24.1. To find out more about leadership essay Excel objects, properties, and methods, you can use the object browser in either Outlook or Excel VBA. 24.3.2 Building a distribution list report. Back in Chapter 8, Listing 8.21 demonstrated how to create a distribution list by reading data from a text file.

Let’s go the other way and export an existing Outlook personal distribution list to an Excel workbook. The DLToExcel() subroutine retrieves each member of the thesis, distribution list and puts its display name and email address into hamlet figure an Excel worksheet. It takes a DistListItem object as its parameter. To test it, open any personal distribution list from a contacts folder and run this statement in dublin the Outlook VBA Immediate window. (Visual Basic for Applications) Listing 24.3. Extract the members of a distribution list to an Excel worksheet. (Visual Basic for Applications) Here are a few notes on the code in Listing 24.3: The DLToExcel procedure uses the GetExcelWB() function from Listing 24.1.

The address for each entry in the personal distribution list (DL) is in SMTP format, except for nested DLs, which have no address. Even though the DistListItem.GetMember method returns a Recipient object, the AddressEntry from letter that recipient doesn’t have as much information as it would if the Recipient were coming from a message. To determine the type of entry, the code must create a new Recipient using the Namespace.CreateRecipient method and use the AddressEntry details from that new Recipient object. Cost. The code in the Select Case block uses the case, new AddressEntry.AddressEntryUserType property to find out thesis, what kind of hewlett case solution recipient we’re dealing with. The Autofit method adjusts the width of each column in the Range object for the DL member list to make sure that the user can see the cost, complete name and address. The procedure also assigns a name to technology the range that contains the data. Named ranges are an important Excel feature that make it easy to use a particular set of cells for mail merge, import into Outlook, and other functions. The For . Next block is the heart of the DLToExcel subroutine. You can use this type of block to put any kind of cost Outlook data into Excel cells. Technology Essay. For example, if you wanted to thesis centre copy data from neutral cover all items in thesis centre an Outlook Folder object ( objFolder ) into neutral letter an Excel worksheet ( objWS ), you would set the value for dublin, the starting row and use a For Each . Next loop to pick up properties from all items in the folder. (Visual Basic for Applications)

The last line in the For Each . Next loop increments intRow so that data input for the next item takes place on a blank new row. After the loop finishes with the last item, the worksheet will contain a block of intRow – 1 rows, containing data from intRow – 1 items from the folder. This type of loop is a valuable technique for exporting information from both standard and custom fields for use in Excel or in a scholarship another program that can read Excel data files (or a comma-delimited file saved from an Excel worksheet). However, some data values from Outlook need a bit of formatting to work properly in Excel. 24.3.3 Formatting Outlook data for Excel. Because Outlook and Excel display data in thesis different ways, you may need some small helper functions to make Outlook data look good in Excel. The functions in this section will help you format date/time, Boolean, and text property values properly. Use the DateToExcel() function in Listing 24.4 to handle the #1/1/4501# date that Outlook displays as “None” when the user has not selected a date.

Listing 24.4. Convert None date values to null. (Visual Basic for Applications) Listing 24.5. Convert true and false values to land strings. (Visual Basic for Applications) Use the YesNoToString() function in Listing 24.5 to centre convert data in yes/no properties to the strings Yes and No . Leadership Application Essay. Otherwise, Excel will use the values -1 and 0 for values that Outlook stores as True and False . Use the TextToExcel() function in thesis dublin Listing 24.6 to remove carriage returns and tabs from in the text and truncate the last string to the maximum number of characters an Excel cell can hold. (Excel displays these control characters with an ugly little rectangle.) The functions in this section do not use data types for dublin cost, the arguments and function declarations for two reasons.

First, omitting the data typing makes them suitable for application, use with VBScript behind Outlook forms, as well as in VBA. Second, all the functions are designed so that you can pass through data of any type. If the data does not need to thesis cost be changed to on changes in the land cronon work well in a worksheet, the function returns the thesis centre dublin cost, data unchanged. To put those functions to work, let’s build a rather generic procedure for exporting Outlook messages to Excel. The InboxToExcel procedure in Listing 24.7 uses a Table object to read the data from different properties. But instead of writing code for each property, just one code statement does all the work of a scholarship essay telling the procedure which properties to thesis export. (Visual Basic for Applications) From this one statement, the code creates an array that controls the column headings for hamlet tragic figure essay, the worksheet and columns added to the Table.Columns collection to expose the data.

Not all properties can be handled this way, but most standard properties can. The Help topic on the Table object provides details on thesis dublin cost those that can’t, such as Body and HTMLBody . You can also add custom and hidden properties to the list of processed properties by in society adding their MAPI schema property names to the strProps list. Listing 24.6. Clean up text to centre dublin fit into packard Excel cells. (Visual Basic for Applications) Listing 24.7.

Export message properties from the Inbox to Excel. (Visual Basic for Applications) A few notes on the code in Listing 24.6: The Table object ( objTable ) is dublin filtered to show only messages by searching for items whose MessageClass property begins with IPM.Note . This VBA statement constructs the filter string: The Select Case VarType(val) block adds a little efficiency by checking the type of value before running it through one of the converters. VarType() is a built-in function that returns a constant value that indicates the type of value—such as vbBoolean for a Boolean value.

The code uses the same techniques as in Listings 24.2 and cover letter 24.3 to define ranges to give bold formatting to the column headings and autofit the columns. Some cells will probably be blank if no value has ever been set for dublin, that property on tips for writing the item. To change the list of properties exported from the Inbox, all you need to do is change the centre dublin, strProps = assignment statement to tips a scholarship essay include more or fewer properties. Microsoft Word is an even more flexible reporting tool than Excel. Not only can it handle data in rows and columns like Excel, but it can also reproduce the look of dublin a custom Outlook form, complete with checkboxes. Essays In The. Word reports are also ideal for combining information from thesis centre dublin cost different types of Outlook items. For example, you might need an hamlet tragic invoice that totals the time you spent working on a particular contact’s projects. Two of the basic techniques involved are parallel to thesis centre cost those in Excel:

Create a new Word document, tracking whether Word was already open. Convert data in Outlook to tragic text that looks good in cost Word. In most cases, your Word report will start with a document template—an existing .dot file that contains text, formatting, and other components you want to include in the report. The Outlook code creates a new document based on that template, and then populates it with the Outlook data. One of the advantages of that approach is leadership application essay that the report “consumer”—someone from the department that will generate or use it—can design the report template file using Word, without any need to know Outlook code. 24.4.1 Understanding Word report basics. The basics of building reports with Word are very similar to the Excel techniques discussed earlier in the chapter.

For VBA code, you must first use Tools , References to centre dublin cost add a reference to the Microsoft Word 12.0 Library that is hewlett case study solution installed on your system. Listing 24.8. Create a new document and set a variable to track the status of Word (VBA) (Visual Basic for Applications) Compare the basic GetWordDoc() and RestoreWord procedures for VBA in Listing 24.8 with the corresponding Excel procedures in Listing 24.1. Thesis Centre. Since Word is often used to print the details of a single Outlook custom form item, the procedures for VBScript code behind an Outlook form are in Listing 24.9. Listing 24.9.

Create a new document and set a variable to track the essays land, status of Word (VBScript) One difference from the Excel code is the addition of a parameter—optional in the VBA version—to create a Word document using a specific template. As you will see, this is the key to making Word printouts that duplicate the look of Outlook form pages. A Word template can contain boilerplate text, plus marked areas that you can use to place Outlook data in the text. To create a template from a new or existing Word document, click the Office button, and centre cost then choose Save As | Word Template . Application. If you specify only a file name and centre cost no path for the template argument for the GetWordDoc() function, Word looks in the user’s default templates folder. A standard framework for populating and displaying or printing a Word document in VBA looks like the code in Listing 24.10, which adds one sentence at the top of the document, using the objDoc.Content.InsertBefore method. Hamlet Tragic. Compare with the Excel report in Listing 24.2. Listing 24.10.

Create and print a simple Word document with VBA. (Visual Basic for Applications) To print the document without showing it to the user, omit the Application.Visible and Activate statements. To display the document without printing it, omit the Printout , Close , and thesis centre cost Call RestoreWord statements. There is no need to restore Word to its former state if you’re displaying a document, because you will leave Word open. To use the code in VBScript, remove the a scholarship essay, apostrophe to uncomment the Const statement and remove the data typing from the Dim statements.

This statement is important to code-driven printouts: (Visual Basic for Applications) The False argument tells Word not to print the document in thesis dublin the background. Instead, code execution waits for the document to print. Don’t use background printing if your code closes the document immediately after printing. Technology In Society. That will avoid the user seeing a prompt about the document trying to close while it’s still printing. As with Excel, you can use the macro recorder to investigate Word’s methods and properties, then adapt at cost least some of the on changes by william, resulting VBA code to your Outlook projects. Many Word macros use the Selection object, which represents the currently selected text in a document, and Chapter 17 has other examples of thesis centre dublin moving around in and adding text to a Word Document object using the Selection object. However, you will gain flexibility if you use the Range object instead, as it allows you to manipulate the document independently of the user’s selection. The Content property of a Word document, which Listing 24.10 uses, is a Range object that represents the entire content of the document.

The Range.InsertBefore method inserts text before the Range. Other examples in this chapter use the Range.InsertAfter method, which adds text after the area of the document that the cover letter, Range object represents. 24.4.2 Formatting Outlook data for Word. It would be tedious to write code to insert text into a Word document, write more code to add data from an thesis cost Outlook field, then write code to figure add more text, and thesis centre then another field, and so on. In addition, it would be very difficult to revise such a report if you wanted to change some of the standard text in the report. And it would be a nightmare to create versions in different languages. Listing 24.11. Solution. Convert date values to thesis cost a string. (Visual Basic for Applications)

A better approach is to neutral cover letter lay out the report as a Word document template with content controls acting as placeholders for the Outlook data. If you include all the boilerplate text in the template itself, the only code you need to write is dublin cost that to place the data into the content controls. As an added benefit, this approach makes it easy to divide up the work. For example, a user who is going to use the printouts could design the template, while you write the code. You probably will want to perform the neutral, same kind of data conversion for Outlook date/time and yes/no properties that we did earlier for Excel. The YesNoToString() function in Listing 24.4 would work just as well in Word automation code as in Excel code. Listing 24.11 is a DateToString() function to convert Outlook dates to strings. For dates that Outlook shows as “None” and stores as #1/1/4501# , it returns the string None . So that the DateToString() function can be used in VBScript, it uses FormatDateTime() instead of Format() to format the returned date string. Also, it returns just the date. If you want time values as well as date values, you might want to build a similar function of your own to return a date string with both date and time values. Other useful functions for formatting that work in both VBScript and VBA are FormatCurrency() and FormatNumber() . You’ll see both of those in thesis centre the sample project in the next section.

To complete your Outlook report skills, you need to be able to technology in society essay put data from centre a single Outlook item into a Word document and for writing also generate a report on multiple items. This final example combines those two operations by reporting on an Outlook item—and on thesis cost its related items contained in a different folder. This application depends on the Links collection covered in Chapter 20 to build an invoice with a contact’s details and a table listing the hours spent working for letter, that contact, as recorded by cost the linked journal entries in tragic figure essay the Journal folder. Cost. It introduces techniques for a scholarship essay, working with Word tables and with the new content controls in Word 2007. Centre Cost. You’ll see how to write data into content controls and then lock them, as well as how to insert data into cells and create new table rows. To build this template, you’ll need to display the Developer tab in the ribbon. If you haven’t done that already for Outlook custom forms design, in Outlook, choose Tools | Options , switch to the Mail Format tab, click Editor Options , check the box for Show Developer tab in the Ribbon , and then click OK . Content controls are a new feature in Word 2007, providing an improved alternative to the form fields that you might have used in earlier Word versions. They provide a more modern look that gives better visual feedback to the user. In a document using content controls, you don’t need to activate any kind of technology in society document protection.

Only the controls are available for input. The user can press the Tab key to jump from one control to the next. Any control can be locked. Look for the content controls in the left half of the Developer tab’s Controls group, as shown in Figure 24.6. Thesis Dublin. Besides a plain text input box and a combo box, there are content controls that support rich-text input, images, insertion of building blocks (another new Word 2007 feature), and a date picker. There is, however, no check box content control. The invoice sample application consists of a Word template and Outlook code—in this case, VBA code to work with the currently selected contact. No custom form is involved, although it would certainly be possible to write the code that generates the invoice as VBScript code for a custom form, rather than as VBA. After presenting the complete example, we’ll go over hamlet tragic figure essay, what would be necessary to convert it to VBScript.

24.5.1 Building the invoice template. The steps involved in designing the invoice template are as follows: Lay out a table at the top of the document with a content control for each Outlook contact property the centre cost, invoice should display and for the invoice details like the technology in society essay, date, invoice number, and comments. Lay out the first two rows of a table at the bottom of the document with column headings for the data that will be pulled from the Journal folder. Leave the second row blank. In design mode, set the Tag and other properties for each content control.

Add three rich-text content controls to encompass the contact information at the top of the dublin cost, form, the invoice detail in the table at the bottom, and the entire template content. Leadership. These help lock the content. Save the template file in the default templates folder ( %appdata%MicrosoftTemplates ) or in centre dublin any other folder. To design the Word template, you can start from a blank Word document or from an existing document that already has a layout you want to use for your invoice. The area at the top of the template will hold the contact details. A table at the bottom will contain a list of the related journal entries. Let’s walk through the five steps in for writing essay detail. Step 1 At the top of the thesis centre cost, page, type in and format the technology, static text that you want to appear on every invoice.

Add a company logo if you like. I recommend that you use a table to help align the different pieces of information you want to list. Figure 24.7 shows the cost, invoice with a company logo, some static text, and a table with no borders that is essays land by william ready to cost receive the first content controls. To turn off the table borders, we used the Borders command in the Table Styles group on the Design tab. To turn on the table gridlines to make it easier to a scholarship adjust column widths, switch to the Layout tab, and click View Gridlines . To insert content controls, display the Developer tab in the ribbon. Where the contact name and address should appear—in the blank table cell to the right of the Invoice submitted to: text, click the Text button in the Controls group (second from left in top row) to centre dublin cost add a text content control for essays by william cronon, each Outlook property. This invoice needs text controls for the user’s name, street address, city, state, and postal code—five controls in all—with the centre cost, usual punctuation for for writing, the address elements. To move the insertion point to the right of a content control so that you can type text on the same line, press End after you insert the control. For the date, insert a date picker content control (second from left in bottom row). Add a blank table row and then another table row in the top section so that you can insert static text and additional content controls for the invoice number and hourly rate. Adjust the table cell widths as needed.

To complete the top section, in the paragraph below the table, click Rich Text in the controls group to insert a control to hold the comments that the user will type in after your code generates the dublin cost, invoice. At this stage in the design process, with step 1 of 5 completed, the template should look similar to hewlett case Figure 24.8. Step 2 For the bottom section that will hold the invoice information, insert a second table with two rows and four columns. Type column headers ( Date , Activity , Hours , Total ) into the cells in the first row. Dublin. Leave the second row empty.

You may want to experiment with the different table styles found on the Design tab. Make sure there is at least one paragraph below the second table. Step 3 Once you’re happy with the basic layout of the invoice, click the Design Mode button in the Controls group on technology in society the Developer tab so that you can modify the controls’ properties. Click on each content control to select it. Then, display its Properties dialog box (see Figure 24.9) by clicking the Properties button in the Controls group.

You must enter a value for the Tag property, which the code will use to identify each control. Use the values in Table 24.2, which also lists the thesis centre, ContactItem property that the hamlet figure, code will use to fill in the content control, where applicable. Some controls may have more options in the Properties dialog than others. For example, as Figure 24.9 shows, you can choose a date format for the date picker. The Title property for a content control is thesis dublin optional, but may be helpful if you want the user to see an identifying name above the control when it has the focus. Will hold Outlook Property. n/a—generated by code. n/a—generated by code.

n/a—user types in. Top portion of template, including upper table. n/a—container for other controls. Bottom portion of template, including lower table. n/a—container for other controls. n/a—container for leadership, other controls.

After you have entered a value for centre dublin cost, the Tag property for each control, the template should look like Figure 24.10. See how the leadership, Tag values from Table 24.2 bracket each control. The Comments control has a Title as well as a Tag . Step 4 Select the document content from the top of the page down through the table in the first section, leaving out the Comments control. Click the thesis centre, Rich Text button (top, left of the Controls group) to put the neutral cover letter, entire selection inside a new control. Select this control, click Properties , and give this new control a Tag named “Contact Info.”

Select the document content from the bottom of the page, up through the second table, again leaving out the Comments control. Click Rich Text to create a new control containing the table, select the dublin, new control, click Properties , and give this control a Tag named “Invoice Info.” Now press Ctrl+A to select the entire document, and click Rich Text again to insert another rich-text control around all the template content. Set the Tag property to essays in the land by william cronon “Invoice” and check the boxes for Content control cannot be deleted and dublin Contents cannot be edited . By grouping the content controls, you can give the template behavior like that in a protected form. Hewlett Case Solution. The outermost (or parent) control can be locked to thesis centre cost prevent the user from changing the text, allowing input only in the content controls. A “container control” can also be used to identify a range in technology a similar manner as a bookmark, but can be protected against deletion. The code will use both the locking and identification features of these controls. Make sure that the rich-text controls that enclose the tables at thesis centre the top and the bottom of the document, plus the third control that encloses all the content, have their anchors completely outside the tables. If an anchor is in a table cell, the code will not be able to put a value into hewlett packard case solution that cell.

Step 5 You’ve completed the template design and centre dublin can now save and close the template. Click the Office button, click the arrow next to Save As , and then choose Word Template . To store it in essay your default templates folder, give the thesis dublin cost, file the for writing a scholarship, path and name %appdata%MicrosoftTemplatesInvoice.dotx . If you use a different path or file name, make a note of it, as you’ll need it in the code. Now that you have prepared the template, it’s time to start looking at the code to enter data into the content controls and fill in the invoice details table. Listing 24.12 at thesis centre cost the end of this section contains the entire code for hamlet, the invoice application. You may want to put all the code in thesis centre cost a separate Outlook VBA module to make it easier to manage. Don’t forget to add references to the Microsoft Word 12.0 Library and Microsoft Scripting Runtime libraries, if you have not done so already. The invoice report code makes several assumptions: The hourly billing rate for the contact item is stored in the BillingInformation property. In Society Essay. You can use the thesis dublin cost, All Fields page of the contact to enter this rate.

The Journal folder contains only items that have not yet been invoiced. Several procedures are available either as private procedures in the same module or as public procedures in letter other Outlook VBA modules: GetCurrentItem() from Listing 15.5, and DateID() and AddLeadingZeroUnderTen() from Listing 20.6. Cost. These are not repeated in technology Listing 24.12, but the code will fail if they are not available in your VBA project. Which procedure actually runs the invoice application? It’s the GenerateWordInvoice routine, the only procedure not declared Private . The GenerateWordInvoice routine calls four other routines in turn: GetCurrentItem() from Listing 15.5 to get the centre dublin, currently selected or open contact and assign it to the objItem variable. GetNewDocument() to create a new document from the Invoice.dotx template and assign it to the objDocument variable.

Note that this procedure will only be called if GetCurrentItem() returns a contact item type. FillContactInfo() to fill the Word content controls in the new document with corresponding data from the selected contact. FillInvoiceInfo() to filter the Journal folder for essay, entries matching the contact, post entries linked to the contact to the Word table, calculate the charge for each entry, and thesis keep a running total of the charges to post in the last row of the in society essay, table. If you store the thesis dublin, invoice template using a file name other than Invoice.dotx or in a location other than the study, user’s default Templates folder, change the GetNewDocument statement in the GenerateWordInvoice procedure to match your file name and path. For example, if you store the thesis centre cost, template as MyInvoice.dotx in a folder named C:Samples , use this statement: (Visual Basic for Applications) Figure 24.11 shows the finished product: an invoice produced entirely from Outlook items, but laid out with a Word template. The Comments content control is the only one where the user can type any text.

The rest of the document’s content is locked. Let’s review the Word techniques involved and then examine the Outlook techniques. The challenge of writing code for Word content controls is that they can’t be addressed by name like many other objects in essay Outlook and Word collections can. For example, even though the template should have a control whose Tag property has the string value Company, you can’t return that control with an expression like this: (Visual Basic for Applications) Instead, to return a specific control, you need to know either a control’s position in the document or the value of its ID property. Centre. Word assigns the for writing essay, ID property value when the centre dublin, control is generated; a typical value is cover 72569880.

Since obtaining and noting ID values then using them in your code would involve a lot of work and is not intuitive, we’ll use a helper procedure named GetContentControls() to thesis dublin create our own index of the controls, using the Tag property value for each one. This procedure loops through the entire document and technology in society essay adds each content control to a global Scripting.Dictionary variable ( m_ContentControls ) with the Tag property value as the thesis, key ( index ) value. (Go back to Chapter 8 if you don’t recall how the for writing a scholarship essay, Dictionary object works.) Subsequent procedures use this collection to access the content controls, looking up each with the value assigned to the Tag property. The following code snippet, for example, returns the centre dublin, content control that has a Tag property with the value Invoice Info, in other words, the control containing the table that will hold the for writing a scholarship essay, Journal folder information. (Visual Basic for Applications) To add text to a plain text content control, which is the type this report uses most, assign a string value to its Range.Text property, as in this example from the FillContentControl procedure. (Visual Basic for Applications) That technique works for the date picker content control as well, assuming that strContent is centre a string representing a date. Content controls can be locked so that the user cannot edit the content. A locked control also blocks programmatic data entry. So that the code can enter data programmatically, each content control is technology locked not at design time, but at run time, only after its value has been filled in. To lock a content control, set its LockContents property to True . (Visual Basic for Applications)

The steps of obtaining a content control object from the m_ContentControls collection, assigning the contact information to each control, then locking the content control, are consolidated in the procedure FillContentControl . This procedure is used by the FillContactInfo procedure, which fills in all the content in the top half of the report, calling FillContentControl once for each control that needs to be filled. Word tables do not support any property that allows them to be assigned a name with which to easily identify them. The only thesis centre cost, way to hewlett case pick up a Word table is by thesis cost its index number within a specified range of text. The range can be the entire document, or you can narrow it down by various means, such as assigning a bookmark to the table. On Changes Cronon. Since content controls can be nested, and a content control has a Range property, we used a content control (“Invoice Info”) to act as a container for the table that will hold the journal entry data. Since it is the only table inside that control, we can access it like this: (Visual Basic for Applications)

The cells in a Word table can be addressed in a similar manner as cells in Excel by their row and column positions using the syntax objTable.Cell ( row, col ) , or by using objRow.Cells ( index ) within a specified range. Since the data for centre cost, the invoice is technology filled row by row, this sample code works through each row’s cells in turn, inserting the thesis, text at the end of the cell’s current content. For example, to insert the Activity information for the second column of the tips for writing, first data row, the row you left blank at design time. (Visual Basic for Applications) where expr is an dublin cost expression returning the text to insert. Cover. As you’ll see below, the dublin, code generates that expression from an Outlook Table object.

Appending a new row to an existing Word table is quite straightforward. (Visual Basic for Applications) To apply formatting to essay text in centre cost a Word document, first identify the range, and then specify the format. In this sample, the current table row is figure essay formatted as bold. (Visual Basic for Applications) The most interesting Outlook technique used in the invoice report is a filtered Table object. Thesis Cost. The filter matches the FullName of the contact that we’re invoicing against the names in the Contacts box on hewlett packard solution the journal entry form (which, as you should recall from Chapter 20, exposes the contents of the Links collection). In taking this approach—searching for a name rather than confirming a Link —we’re making a significant assumption: that the name of the contact has not changed since the centre dublin, journal entries were created. If the contact name has changed, then the letter, search won’t return all the linked items, because the field we’re searching will still have the old names. The performance tradeoff, though, is considerable. Thesis Centre Dublin. By searching just on leadership essay the name, we can get back a filtered, read-only Table very quickly.

If the dublin, code had to depend on leadership application essay confirming an actual Link in the Links collection, it would be necessary to examine the Links collection of each item in the Journal folder. These code statements in the FillInvoiceInfo procedure filter the thesis, Journal folder to return a Table with journal entries related to the contact being invoiced. (Visual Basic for Applications) Since the hewlett case solution, default Columns collection for a journal folder does not contain all the properties that the invoice needs, the code adds a few properties and sorts the Table . (Visual Basic for dublin cost, Applications) To complete the With objOLTable section, a Do loop processes each row in the Outlook.Table object, adding a new Word.Table row on each pass. (Visual Basic for Applications)

Inside the Do loop, the code to fill in the Word table combines the Cells( index ).Range.InsertAfter method discussed above with the essays by william cronon, very simple objOLRow ( property ) syntax to return a property value from an Outlook table Row object. Centre. For example, this statement combines the Type and Subject property values from the journal entry and inserts them into essay the second column of the current row in the Word table. (Visual Basic for thesis centre cost, Applications) Listing 24.12. Collate data from two folders into one Word document. (Visual Basic for Applications) 24.5.3 Possible enhancements for the invoice report. Even though Listing 24.12 contains a lot of code, converting it to VBScript so that it could be incorporated into an Outlook custom form is not as hard as it looks. You’d need to make these five changes: Remove or comment all As clauses from Dim statements and procedure declarations. Remove the study solution, GetCurrentItem() function.

Replace this statement in the GenerateWordInvoice procedure: Set objItem = GetCurrentItem() with this statement: Set objItem = Item . In the declarations section, after the Option Explicit statement, add this Outlook constant declaration: Const olFolderJournal = 11. Add a command button to the contact form and a Click event handler to run the GenerateWordInvoice procedure when the user clicks the button: Porting the invoice report code to centre VBScript behind an Outlook form is certainly one way to extend its usefulness. What other ways to enhance the report can you think of? Here are a couple of ideas. The filter in the FillInvoiceInfo procedure assumes that the Journal folder contains only uninvoiced entries. If you want to keep all entries, even after they’re invoiced, you’ll need some way to essay tell them apart. The BillingInformation property is a good candidate to hold this information. You could update each journal entry with the date of the invoice or the invoice number and save it. You’d also need to modify the filter string so that it looks for thesis, items with an empty or null BillingInformation property.

Another possible enhancement would be to save the invoice and create a new link to it in packard solution the journal folder. Surely you can think of other ways to thesis cost apply the Word and Outlook techniques in this chapter, which comprise a fitting end to your initial excursion into the world of Outlook 2007 programming. Making Outlook data available through reports is an important programming technique, because not everyone who needs to see your data will have Outlook. Outlook supports several techniques for generating reports—printing from customized folder views, mail merge to Word, even copy and paste to Excel. However, no single built-in technique has the flexibility to handle all Outlook data, including custom fields and technology in society essay “large” properties like item bodies.

By writing code to automate Outlook, Excel, and Word, developers can produce custom reports with every imaginable feature. Reports can be generated as email messages, printed output, or files where the user can fill in additional information, such as comments on an invoice. Word is thesis a particularly fine reporting tool, especially if you need to print from a custom form or combine information from neutral cover two types of folders. The search techniques covered in Chapter 16 can help you speed up report generation, particularly if you use the read-only Table object that is new to Outlook 2007.